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YO FLOW is a London based wellness company founded by Danish yoga teacher and holistic lifecoach/mentor Karin Graabaek Helledie. 

In my yoga classes, workshops, and mentoring sessions I bring together 25 plus years of experience as a journalist curiously listening to stories from all walks of life, a decade working with the community and mentoring company Good Life Designed, and years of passion for yoga.

Yoga meets you where you are and is a way of living your life with awareness. This is also the essence of Good Life Designed's curriculum, which is anchored in the idea that we can all design the best version of our life, if we do the work, gain clarity, and pay attention to what is going on in our life.

The name YoFlow connects back to my time as a co-owner of a café in Copenhagen. As partners we used to greet each other Yo P (p for partner). Back then I focused so much on work that I lost connection to myself, forgot to say no, and got sick from stress, and I learned the importance of finding time for quiet.

Which is why YoFlow  is my personal reminder that life is all about finding YOUR FLOW. 

As a yoga teacher and Good Life Designed facilitator and mentor I am passionate about inspiring people to find what works best for them. 

Live your life - not your neighbours.

I have studied meditation with Quantum Seminars, Svend Trier in Copenhagen, 200 hours ashtanga vinyasa yoga teacher training, Yoga London, US Yoga Alliance, mantra and sound healing workshop with Gabriela Burnel, restorative, workshops with Judith Hanson Lasater and Lizzie Lasater and Tias Little + spend countless of hours in inspired company with a handful of fantastic teachers in London, Denmark, New York, and California. 


Most of the photos on my website are by photographer Jilly Cowdry, who captures the moment in a beautiful. subtle and natural way.

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