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Work in a supportive group or focused one to one 

To live a happy, authentic, fulfilled life, and being prepared for whatever life throws at you without losing yourself, you need to have the tools and be willing to do the work.

Good Life Designed is a powerful structured process for people who are looking for something more than a one-size fits all approach.



Selfdevelopment in good company

Do you feel stuck? Confused about your next phase?  Need some structure and support to get started on something new? Joining a life designer circle will give you the HOW to design your best life + simple exercises, support and inspiration.

Joining a life designer circle will help you gain clarity, map your current life state, help to identify what it is that is energising and draining you and provide you with the framework to create sustainable change, find inspiration and courage to reach your professional and personal goals and dreams.

A small group of life designers will meet seven times and go through the lessons together. The designer circle follows an online course, which is built on the concept of designing your best life and features founder of Good Life Designed, business woman, Global HR Executive and former president of IKEA America Pernille Spiers-Lopez.

The designer circles are currently being offered in person +online.

Can also be booked and hosted privately and is available as one to one coaching.



Invest in your personal wellbeing and declutter your mind and life. This workshop will provide you with a powerful method to map and sort out what is going on in your life.

Everything in our lives goes through “seasons” and different phases. This all sounds quite logical, but for some reason in our everyday life we hold on, pretend, deny and fight this natural flow that causes us to miss out on joy, calmness and a healthy life.

Declutter your life with Guide for Change that will help you to identify where you are with each aspect of your life to better decide what you can do and make you comfortable with ongoing change.

This workshop is based on the Good Life Designed curriculum, a 6-part process for personal development created by former President of IKEA North America, + Global HR Officer Pernille Spiers-Lopez that gives individuals the tools to reach their fullest potential.



I met GLD founder Pernille Spiers-Lopez in 2010, when I was asked to write the book about her career and life. The book “Hvis dit liv var et køkken” (If Your Life was a Kitchen) was the beginning of a great friendship and cooperation, which we decided to continue for the American version “Design Your Life.”

Together with Pernille, her daughter Sine, and a small team, I have been part of growning the concept beyond the book adding workshops, an online course, retreats, a blog featuring everyday Life Designers, personal mentoring and Design Circles – all within reach of the everyday people. 

For more info and updates of all offerings, please visit the Good Life Designed website ...

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