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Fun and playful ways to incorporate mindfulness and empowering tools in children's lives.  All workshops can be tailored to different age groups and work well in school classes, and for smaller private groups.

Karma Kids offer a space where children are inspired to trust their inner voice and allowed space to play with their own unique creativity. 


Bitesize Mindfulness 
Sit still like a frog and stand tall like a mountain. This workshop is an introduction to yoga, meditation and mindfulness and how these tools can make them stronger, more flexible, calmer and more confident.

We draw, colour, breathe, mediative, laugh and cut out dreamy photos while chatting about gratitude and life and creating personal mood boards.


 A workshop to inspire children to write what is on their minds and use journaling as a close friend.

According to research gratitude and happiness are linked, and when we reflect on what we are grateful for it impacts our general wellbeing. This workshop engages the children in a conversation about what it means to be grateful and how to practise gratitude

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