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Boost wellbeing at work

Integrating a yoga session in the middle of the work day can do wonders for the morale and spirit, and when working from home it’s even more important to give the body and brain a break from being in a constant active busy mode.

A lunch time yoga session live on Zoom is the perfect way to add a healthy routine releasing tension and renewing energy in the good company of colleagues.

A growing body of research shows that yoga provides many mental and physical benefits; such as stronger and more flexible body, relieving pain in neck and shoulders caused by hunching over a computer for hours, reduced stress, and increased energy, confidence and focus. 

The cooperate karma yoga classes are all inclusive and focuses on gentle, releasing stretches, traditional yoga poses, meditation and breathing exercises, which calms the mind and balances the nervous system and set you up for the rest of the day. 

Classes are typically between 25 – 45 minutes. (Longer sessions also available).

Online prices starting from 45 pounds.

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