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Declutter your mind and life



Do you feel stuck? Overwhelmed and stressed. Confused about your next phase? Need some structure to get started on something new?

The declutter your mind and life workshop will provide you with a powerful method to map and sort out what is going on in your life.

Co-founder of Good Life Designed and holistic life coach Karin Graabaek Helledie will introduce you the tool - Guide for Change - that will help you to identify where you are with each aspect of your life to better decide what you can do and make you comfortable with ongoing change.

Instead of holding on, pretending, denying, and fighting the natural flow in your everyday life, learn to become more aware of this flow of change and create more joy, calmness, and a sense of control in your life.

The workshop is based on the Design Your Life process for personal development created by Good Life Designed, a mentoring company founded by former President of IKEA North America, + Global HR Officer Pernille Spiers-Lopez.

New Declutter your Mind & Life workshop each month.

Wednesday the 16thOctober 7-9 pm.

Wednesday the 20thNovember 7 -9 pm.

20 Pounds

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